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Welcome to Brisbane Log Cabins

Brisbane Log Cabins would like to introduce you to these life changing products and inspire you to do more with your back yard space. A log cabin not only utilises unused space but ADDS VALUE TO YOUR HOME!

Great For: Studio, rumpus, backyard cabin, office, teenage retreat, poolside lounge / bar, gym, man cave, she shed, entertainment and much more.


3218mm (W) x 4418mm (D)

MAJORCA The MAJORCA is the smallest out of the log cabin family, yet despite its size it certainly does not compromise on style at all! Not to…

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Corsica 20m2

3980mm (W) x 2980mm (D)

CRETE The Crete cabin offers an open plan living space while still maintaining its homely feel. With the ability to customize two of the windows…

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4980mm (W) x 3980mm (D)

CORSICA The CORSICA is a spacious, open plan living backyard cabin. With the ability to customize the window placement, you will be able to utilize…

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5480mm (W) x 3980mm (D)

SICILIA The SICILIA offers everything your yard is missing! It includes a separate room inside for a bathroom or storage room. Being the largest of…

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8130mm (W) x 6660mm (D)

CYPRUS The CYPRUS is a one bedroom cabin which includes a large veranda out the front. This cabin is perfect for people looking for a…

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14494mm (W) x 6040mm (D)

MADEIRA The MADEIRA is our contemporary one bedroom studio architecturally designed to be a real lifestyle changer. Featuring a huge outdoor space conveniently a step…

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7500mm (W) x 6600mm (D)

MALTA The MALTA is our two bedroom studio designed for people looking for a cabin with an extra room for guests. The second bedroom could…

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8890mm (W) x 7500mm (D)

GREENLAND The GREENLAND is a two bedroom granny flat designed for people looking for a cabin with an extra room for guests. The second bedroom…

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1884mm (W) x 900mm (D)

BIRCH 6 X 3 A small garden shed with a difference – add some class to your outdoor storage solution! With its skillion roof configuration…

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